Envisioning a bold store presence through layers of engagement.
Re-imagining a company’s physical presence in a retail environment can be a daunting task. Doing so for an image-centric client such as Tempur-Pedic, prior to their direct request, requires a strong idea and a stronger team. The approach and thinking behind this project allowed TP to internally reframe how they saw themselves in the retail environment, while appreciating the stages a potential customer must pass through.
For this specific implementation, the team decided upon seven stages a customer may find herself moving through in this product environment: Approach; Brand Greeting; Product Introduction; Product Trial A; Product Trial B; Product Trial C; Small Product & Accessories. Through designing a fixture for all stages save the first, and having the complementary graphics indicate movement to the next stage, the best guided experience could be created for the customer.
The style of the renderings needed to be concrete enough to be functionally self explanatory, but stay loose enough to stay open to aesthetic interpretation.
While this specific fixture aesthetic did not move forward in this form, it did inform future conversations, concepts, and implementations.
Project Team
Matt Lancaster, Melissa Lassiter, Chris Livaudais, Darwin Muljono, Florian Vollmer

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