A large-impact, cost-conscious booth to make an outsized impression.
As a long-standing client, Kubota has worked with our team on a variety of design-and-implementation projects. We began this journey knowing our space was smaller, and more economically-conscious, than our surrounding competitors. Through iterations involving careful product grouping and arranging, to a more solemn placard-per-product presentation, we arrived at one of our simplest concepts.
Create something unabashedly bold, a large streak that claims this corner of the hall for Kubota. Keep it simple, overall, for elegance is more often found here than in the intricate. A statement piece, easily located across the show floor, capped with a 20’ square curved LED array.
A few challenges awaited us during implementation. The overhead sheer needed special attention as its’ translucency was integral to the concept’s success. The hanging screen was also modified during installation, due to a confluence of factors. We were just prescient enough, if not a bit lucky, to have specified a modular system as opposed to a fixed, rigid frame for those panels.
Ultimately the show was a success, from not only the client’s perspective, but our internal point-of-view as well. Projects such as these can feel like a quest, with unique trials and tests. They can be trying, difficult, unpredictable. They can also be that much more rewarding when met with our best combined efforts.
Project Team
Kim Brock, Chris Kitzman, Matt Lancaster, Erik Ross

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