A fun, thoughtful response to a quick-turn request by our bright and colorful client.
This project was a quick, 3-day-turnaround for Speck Products.
Speck had been requested by AT&T to provide ideas for a store-within-a-store, and came to our team for the initial concept work. We began with a rough idea of the mood and theme of the space based off of a previous Speck tradeshow, as well as rough specs from existing AT&T wall fixtures.
The best ideas from a dry erase board ideation session were presented to Speck, shown below. Their feedback solidified into three concepts that were to be brought to initial concept conversations with AT&T.
The three overall concepts varied by size: two 18′ x 18′ concepts, and a smaller 9′ x 9′. The larger concepts contain lounge elements, as well as a counter top display and more mobile fixtures, indicated by the large square pylons. Fixture concepts were shown separately, and each employs a “stock” side and a “interaction” side.
Unfortunately, the project did not move past the initial concept stage. However, the team felt the concept was strong enough to merit external modeling and rendering, the result of which is shown below.
Project Team
Matt Lancaster, Darwin Muljono, Kate Schindel

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