Strong, versatile, unified: providing a simple display system for complex products. 
Our team was approached by a vendor partner to create a series of trade show fixtures. The original intent was simple enough: distill a high-end lounge experience into a set of pedestals. However, as the team reviewed the needs of the fixtures, and the overall booth purpose, the need for a more intentional plan became apparent.
While the product quantities and sizes were known for the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) Expo, the pedestals would have to account for a wide variety of products in the future. Our team decided to create three different pedestal profiles, and have three height options for each, so the right pedestal could be pulled per product or product set. A taller “blade” fixture was designed to accompany each product grouping, and would present either static or dynamic information for that group.
The entrance point was outfitted with a two-part reception desk, a front and back, which could be separated based on the needs and space allowances of future shows. A taller backdrop was used in the opposite corner of the space to act as a visual punctuation. These “backdrop” fixtures also functioned as the formal meeting area, and allowed for storage of collateral and product overflow.
IR worked closely with a tradeshow display specialist and our primary millwork vendor to ensure the final production units would be as close to the concept shown as could be expected. All in all, the end result remained very close to the original form and function, resulting in a very pleased client.
Project Team
Kevin Greer, Matt Lancaster, Jacqueline LaScala, Melissa Lassiter

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