Mattress Firm approach InReality with a few small requests regarding an existing Tempur-Pedic-centric mall store. While the initial scope was primarily confined to layout changes, Mattress Firm quickly realized IR’s approach to the customer interactions and experiences could greatly benefit the overall concept. The team began by zoning out the space, and overlaying product groupings.
The final layout gave the entrance room to breathe by placing small product in the front. Once inside the store, the brand introduction presentation, beneath a sheer fabric canopy, acts as a beacon and starting point to interacting with Tempur-Pedic product.
The overall look was one of warmth, and rich, modern tones and textures. Medium browns, sand, yellowed tans, and rich tufted headboards were juxtaposed with crisper, lighter blues. This came from a combined inspiration of Tempur-Pedic’s then-current photography catalog, as well as independent ideas. All of this is offset by the careful application of lighting, which gives the overall space a softer, “homey” feel.
The concept and presentation were very well received, and the above images were instrumental in the independent creation of a prototype concept store.
Project Team
Ron Bushman, Tom Jordan, Matt Lancaster, Ryan McLaughlin

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