Create a show-floor presence deserving of an industry leader
We began this project with a face-to-face client session. While getting an in-person meeting is often beneficial, it can be a rarity and inconsistent from project to project. Here, it was crucial to our overall shared success.
Our team was able to have noticeably different conversations than would have been had without the involvement of creatives. There was a sense nuance, and unexpected turns as we spoke of desired emotions and feelings alongside expected functionality. The client commented on how, of all the shows they've been to and through however many similar kick-off meetings, this was the most excited and heard they can remember being at this stage.
Along with feeling and functionality, we touched on their responses to different words, as well as responsiveness to a variety of images. The strongest positive reactions are gathered below.
Throughout our conversations with the client, a primary takeaway was the ease, approachability, and fluidity of their testing process when compared to the rest of their field. 
This concept’s intent was to imply that expression in the architecture and flow of the booth. The double helix logo mark was used to inform those architectural elements.
Transparency was utilized in multiple layers throughout this experience, from the external grey sheers to the translucent kiosks and overhead chandeliers.
Project Team
Kelsey Currier, Matt Lancaster, Jon Polasik, Elisa Stokoe

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